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Città: Innsbruk (Austria)

Hi Rok2, introduce yourself to visitors please…
Hello, my name is Rok2. I come from Innsbruck which is located in the west of Austria and I started painting in 1995.

What reasons drove you to interest to writing?
I became interested in Graffiti when I travelled to Prague in Czech Republic in the year 1995. At this time you couldn’t see a lot of writing in my hometown and the situation in Prague was totally different. There you could see nice tags, throw-ups and colourful pieces everywhere. I was totally fascinated and when I came back I started to sketch quite a lot. After a while I also did my first pieces on walls.

Who are your preferited artists in writing and aerosol art?
And in other figuratives arts?
There are a lot of people who do or did a great job in writing as well as in figurative arts. So it’s difficult for me to reduce it to only a few names. In writing I would definitely mention Futura 2000 who did really unique and innovative pieces. Besides that I like the works of Lokiss, Delta, Daim, Os Gemeos, Sat One, Viagrafix, ECB, Pornostars, Cakes, Kryot…
Besides that in other types of arts I like to watch for example the works of Salvdor Dali, M.C.Escher or Andy Goldsworthy

How has your way of painting developed during the years?
Through the time I experimented with various different styles.
Like the most people I started with “traditional” Graffiti.
Here I worked a lot with simple and readable letters but after some time also with more complex pieces. In the year 1998 I also started to make experiments with 3D-Styles. Besides that I also continued to work on styles with outlines.
Working on 3D-Styles helped me quite a lot to increase my techniques but after a while I got a little bit bored of it. So I tried to do something new. After I already produced a huge number of sketches in a more abstract and organic way without any letters in it I tried to transfer these ideas to the walls in the year 2000 for the first time. I really started to enjoy this new freedom and kept working in this way for the last few years. Furthermore I started to try out new techniques like acrylics or oil-paint although spraypaint is still my main tool.

You have got a very personal and interessant style. Can you speak about it?
Through working in this more abstract way based mainly on organic forms and shapes without letters in it I got more and more distance to traditional graffiti. This offers me a lot of freedom and gives me much more possibilities than I had before. To understand me in the right way I still have big respect for people doing traditional forms of graffiti and I also enjoy to paint some letters every now and than but basically I wanted to try out something new.
Furthermore I have to say that I paint the most of my pieces without sketches. Also this technique of improvisation is very important for my work. So for me the process of painting itself is a very important thing. It’s interesting to watch the development of ideas, the decisions or changes that are taken and to see the evolution of the work through the time. This can be sometimes even more interesting if other people are involved and there is a high level of interaction and exchange.

Why don’t you write letters in your pieces?
The reason for this is that i wanted to try out something new and more unique. When I started with these things i felt that going on with including letters would disturb my development. At this moment I also wanted to take a bit of a distance from tradidtional graffiti and find my own ways of

Do you paint free-hand or do you use any others supports live stencil, scoch etc ?

Usually i do my pieces free-hand. Only sometimes on huge walls i use tape for really long and straight lines in the background. Besides that i also made some experiments with stencils some years ago which I used to make some structures in the background.

What can you say about the aerosolart’s movement in you nation?

Generally speaking the scene in Austria is rather small. The city with the biggest scene in Austria is Vienna. Besides that there are only a few cities with a more or less developed graffiti-culture. In Austria also the number of active writers is not too big.
Besides that I also have to mention that there is nothing that can be seen as a certain Austrian Style. So people here do quite different things.

Have you painted around the world?
So far my focus has been mainly Europe. I have been to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria…

Whato do you think about italian writers? Have you never painted with them?
So far I already painted with some italian writers. I think that Italy has quite an active scene and that there some really good writers.

Thank you very much!